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  • What happens before?

    We provide you with various channels to reach us, which include our online inquiry form, live chat and telephone.

    Once we know how urgent it is for to get to your premises, we’ll let you know of the callout charge (if it applies)  and make our way to you in the quickest time possible (promptly should it be an emergency).

    Once one of our specialists arrives at your space, checks will be carried out to figure out how we can resolve your issue. When it’s the case that a repair can be carried out on the spot, you’ll be notified of its cost, we’ll get the initial payment processed and begin work with getting a fix in place. Where the works must be scheduled, or additional materials or labourers are required, a quote will be produced, and a return date agreed.

    As our customer, you’ll be taken care of throughout the process, being reassured by our technicians and the guarantees given for our work.

  • What happens on the day?

    We’ll firstly arrive at your property at the time we have stated. On arrival, we’ll have a brief discussion, and understand any advanced concerns you may have. Anything you raise will be considered, and we’ll push to get these resolved when carrying out your work.

    As our customer, you’ll be glad to see a pleasant and friendly team in your space. They will do everything to keep your property spick and span. This means clearing mess whilst we are working, and wearing protective clothing and clean footwear to protect your floors and surfaces.

    If we happen to be working over the course of a few days, at the end of each shift we’ll leave your building in a useable state (unless we advise leaving the space empty in our pre-planning procedures).

    You and your premises will be treated with the utmost respect. We will use the appropriate language at all times, and when it comes to our mobile devices, we will refrain from making unnecessary phone calls and text. For us, the time spent working must be given our complete attention.

    When everything is done, we’ll give you a sign-off sheet. Your complete satisfaction is paramount, so a short testimonial is always appreciated. If anything could be improved upon, we will strive to do everything to ensure you’re happy.

  • What happens after?

    When we’ve completed the work, you’ll be left with a place where you can welcome others.

    All issues that once existed at your property will be a relic of the past, and your new space will be fully functional.

    On the off chance that you need require any of our services down the line, we can easily be contacted, and we’d love for you to refer us to others.

  • What our clients say
    • Really appreciate the speedy service, and very friendly too! We would recommend them to others.

      Roisin Darwish

      Roisin Darwish
  • Why choose PHG Mechanical Services?
  • You might need us when
    • inability to eliminate humidity from your bathroom
    • poor circulation of air throughout your property
    • uncontrolled steam, fume and odours from cookers
    • eliminating the presence of waterborne contaminants
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    What purpose does an extractor fan serve?