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  • It is always wise to get a situation assessed in order to deem how safe an environment is to its end users.

    When it comes to safeguarding property and its inhabitants, there’ll be statutory tests that need to be conducted, and a failure to comply will not only mean you are breaking the law but could result in heavy fines and imprisonment. In the same light, when it comes to purchasing decisions or determining the cost of future works linked to a property, having a series of surveys completed will help with future planning and negotiations.

    Before finding yourself in a detrimental situation, reach out to our team of professional assessors who can help with carrying out the necessary tests before its too late.

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  • What happens before?

    Whether you contact us via our on-page inquiry form, live chat facilities or telephone, we will develop an understanding of your need. From a friendly discussion, we will determine the urgency of what you’re facing.

    In the event that we have to visit your property, you will be informed of our callout fee (if applicable) and we will be with you as quickly as time permits (promptly if it’s a crisis).

    When we arrive at your premises, we’ll carry out an investigation to work out the best course of action. If what we identified can be fixed on the spot, we’ll inform you of the cost, set up payment and will do the repair there and then. On the other hand, if the solution requires some pre-planning, material purchases or a larger workforce, we’ll arrange a quote and agree on a return date.

    With us, you’ll receive a guarantee on all works we conduct, providing you with further reassurances.

  • What happens on the day?

    We will turn up to your property on time, taking into consideration any advanced concerns you may raise on our arrival. Before we kickstart work, we’ll listen to anything you relay, and take these issues on board when we kickstart your work.

    Our crew is are always joyful when carrying out any task. We will protect your property by wearing clean footwear and protective clothing, as well as covering all surfaces and workspaces. When it comes to disposing of waste, this is a continual process meaning that we tidy up as we go along.

    With scheduled works spanning a few days, your space will be left in a workable state you can revisit (unless stated otherwise in our pre-planning determinations).

    As our customer, we will always address you with a friendly demeanour and using clean language. We will also be professional in our conduct, avoiding unnecessary calls and texts, and concentrating on the given task.

    Respecting the environment, we’ll be as quiet as possible when using tools or operating machinery. We want to leave the surrounding space, where neighbours reside or the general public pass by as peaceful as can be.

    When we finish up our work, we’ll always ask for a short testimonial and provide a sign-off sheet. If anything is queried on your part, we’ll push to resolve this right away. Your satisfaction is what’s most important to us.

  • What happens after?

    After your works have been conducted, you will want to bring others into your property.

    With all matters resolved, your reinvigorated space will bring happiness to all who live, work or visit it.

    You will also want to reach out to us on future occasions when in need of our services and when referring us to your friends, family and colleagues.

  • What our clients say
    • Professional team, great service and value, always respond quickly if needed in an emergency.

      Agnes Petra

      Agnes Petra
    • We found them to be lovely guys to work with - professional, approachable and helpful - from start to finish.

      Alexandra Michaelides

      Alexandra Michaelides
    • Called out for an emergency and it was dealt with efficiently with the least amount of disruption.

      Elle Nixon

      Elle Nixon
    • Always helpful, friendly and assuring. Great local plumbers that we will continue to go back to!

      Lorna Jones

      Lorna Jones
    • Really appreciate the speedy service, and very friendly too! We would recommend them to others.

      Roisin Darwish

      Roisin Darwish
    • They were friendly and professional and they fitted us a new boiler within 48 hours after ours broke down.

      Tara Elvin

      Tara Elvin
  • Why work with us?
  • You might need us when
    • isolating any waterborne bacteria present at property
    • not up-to-date with statutory gas supply requirements
    • comprehending the cost of future repairs at a premises
    • ascertaining the safety of water and gas fed appliances
    • delegating trained professionals to monitor building risk
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