• In offering a full-service, we deal with anything from incoming cold water mains through to dripping taps, blocked drains, shower and bathroom installations and repairs to pipework and other fittings.

    Our expert service spans both the domestic and commercial sectors, and we’re onboard 24/7 to inspect, assess and deliver solutions to your plumbing needs.

    We can meet you wherever your requirements might sit, from tending to an emergency through to providing quotations for scheduled works. If you’re about to engage in refurbishments or are in the process of obtaining a property, call on our technicians to conduct a pre-purchase survey.

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  • What happens before?

    Whether you reach out to us via our on-page inquiry form, live chat facility or directly on the telephone, once we understand your need, we’ll have a friendly discussion to quickly diagnose the urgency of your problem.

    Should we need to attend your property, you’ll be made aware of our callout charge (if applicable) and we will arrive at the soonest time possible (immediately if it is an emergency).

    On arrival at your premises, we’ll instantly conduct an investigation to determine the best-fit solution. If it is a fix that can be resolved right away, we will indicate the cost, process payment and deal with the matter there and then. Where it is established that some planning, material purchases or additional manpower are required, together we’ll agree on a return date and provide a quote (either right away or in soon after).

    The friendly face from our company who co-ordinates the home visit will let you know all our work comes with a guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re with a reliable service provider.

  • What happens on the day?

    We are punctual, and on the day of carrying out your project we will show up just in advance of our start time. Should you have any pre-concerns, we’ll listen to what’s being said, and come up with effective ways to sort them out.

    On the job, we’ll be enthusiastic about what we’ve been tasked with. To ensure your property is protected throughout, we’ll cover all furnishings and wear protective clothing and footwear. Whilst working we’ll clear rubbish as we go along so that your space is as tidy as can be at all times.

    It’s important for us to be polite, so we will refrain from using inappropriate language. In getting your project completed in the quickest time span possible, we will avoid using our mobile devices for unnecessary calls and texts. Our sole focus is on effectively completing the task at hand.

    With regards to the surrounding environment, we’ll try to to be as quiet as possible when using our tools. This helps ensure minimal disturbance is brought to your neighbours and the wider public.

    When all work is completed, we’ll provide a sign-off sheet requesting your feedback. At the business, we also value a short heartfelt testimonial, so would love if this can be provided. Any matters raised, will be addressed, as what’s important to us is your full satisfaction.

  • What happens after?

    When we leave your property, you’ll have a living space that brings you peace of mind. We want for you to have and an everlasting feeling of happiness.

    Whether it’s a fixture that ensures you have a well-heated property, a newly fitted bathroom that’s worthwhile showing-off, or a newly fitted appliance that is running at optimal performance; we want to leave a lasting impression.

    We will retain a line of contact should with you should you need us to readdress any existing works. We also would love for you to contact us when you’re in need of our services for other areas of your property.

    By seeing and allowing us to be the trusted plumbers, heating engineers, drainage specialists and mechanical service providers you will be happy to recommend us to your colleagues, friends and family.

  • What our clients say
    • Professional team, great service and value, always respond quickly if needed in an emergency.

      Agnes Petra

      Agnes Petra
  • Why choose PHG Mechanical Services?
  • You might need us when
    • water seeping through your ceilings
    • corroded pipework inside and outside property
    • drops in water pressure
    • visible water damage throughout building
    • receipt of unexpectedly high water bills
    • blocked toilets, sinks, baths and drains
    • sow flowing water from taps and showers
    • condensation and leaks from your pipes
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