• Our heating engineers have you covered with work associated with your central heating. From completing systems, through to boilers, radiators, cylinders and smart controls we are here to bring the warmth to your building. Other areas we deal with are underfloor heating, water tanks, heaters, and all their associated fittings.

    Our overall aim is to optimise the distribution of heat throughout your premises. Also, to ensure the constant flow of hot water to all required areas of your property. We make sure our customers are never cold, by installing easy-to-use, yet state of the art system controls. We want to give you the power to switch things on and off with ease.

    So, whenever in need of any repairs, fresh installs, maintenance work or inspections, you know who to call.

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  • What happens before?

    Whether you connect with us by means of our on-page inquiry form, live chat or telephone, once we’ve understood your need, we’ll have a talk to determine how urgent your need is.

    If we have to go to your property, you’ll be informed of our callout charge (if required) and we will get to you in the quickest time span possible (instantly if you have an emergency).

    On arriving at your premises, we’ll immediately carry out an examination to decide the next best action. Should it be a fix that can be settled immediately, we will share the cost, process payment and resolve your issue. Should it be deemed that your works require pre-planning, the purchase of materials and/or additional labour, we’ll provide a quote and jointly agree on a return date.

    With us, you’re in safe hands, with work that’s carried out by professionals and covered by a guarantee.

  • What happens on the day?

    We are reliable, and on the day of carrying out your works we’ll show up on time, if not prior to what we’ve agreed. If you’ve got any concerns at any point, we’ll acknowledge what you are saying and devise means to resolve what you have raised.

    You’ll be impressed with the enthusiasm of our team member(s) who have been tasked with improving the state of your property. We take protection seriously, so all spaces in which we work will be covered. This ensures no damage is brought to your fittings. Also, all the space we work in will be cleared up at the end of each work session. The area being addressed will be left safe, which means vacuuming, and removing as much trash as possible whilst we work. Our staff will also apply coverings and will wear clean garments (including clean footwear).

    When at your property, our staff will be respectful and move to complete your project as quick as possible. This means we will refrain from making unnecessary phone calls and texting. Our full concentration will be completing the work at hand.

    Being professional at all times means everything to us, so we’ll keep our language clean throughout the period of completing your works. We will also respect your surrounding environment by being as quiet as possible whilst on the tools.

    All junk will be disposed of upon completion of the job, and a sign-off sheet will be presented for you to express your satisfaction levels. Our team will do all we can to ensure you’re left content.

  • What happens after?

    When we leave your property, you’ll have a living space that brings you a lasting feeling of happiness.

    Whether it’s a fixture that ensures you have a well-heated property or a newly fitted bathroom we want to leave a lasting impression.

    We will retain a line of contact should with you should you need to readdress any existing works, or when you’re in need of our services for another area of your premises.

    By allowing us to be your trusted partner, you will be happy to recommend us to your colleagues, friends and family.

  • What our clients say
    • Professional team, great service and value, always respond quickly if needed in an emergency.

      Agnes Petra

      Agnes Petra
    • We found them to be lovely guys to work with - professional, approachable and helpful - from start to finish.

      Alexandra Michaelides

      Alexandra Michaelides
    • Called out for an emergency and it was dealt with efficiently with the least amount of disruption.

      Elle Nixon

      Elle Nixon
    • Always helpful, friendly and assuring. Great local plumbers that we will continue to go back to!

      Lorna Jones

      Lorna Jones
    • Really appreciate the speedy service, and very friendly too! We would recommend them to others.

      Roisin Darwish

      Roisin Darwish
    • They were friendly and professional and they fitted us a new boiler within 48 hours after ours broke down.

      Tara Elvin

      Tara Elvin
  • Why work with us?
  • You might need us when
    • warm cylinder but no hot water at taps
    • radiators being only warm in one area
    • continuous loss of system pressure
    • frequent cutting out of boiler pilot light
    • strange undesired sounds from boiler
    • intermittent heat and hot water
    • unpredictable thermostat behaviours
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