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What is the typical pressure level a Megaflo emits?
What issues typically get classed of plumbing emergencies?
In a situation of burst pipes, what should I do first?
Does your emergency service run day and night?
Why must maintenance of my system be a top priority?
How can I prolong the life of my toilet?
What are my legal obligations as a landlord?
What pre-plumbing tenancy plumbing checks can you help me conduct?
Do you service the unvented Megaflo system?
Where can I have my Megaflo installed?
When will you be able to start my bathroom project?
How many workers will be carrying out my bathroom installation?
Will hot and cold water be available whilst you install my bathroom?
What does a boiler installation entail?
Which boiler types do your deal with?
What comes after my boiler installation is done?
How do I determine the best sized Megaflo cylinder for me?
What's an unvented Megaflo System?
What are the most common places a water leak might spring up?
Will I get coverage for leaks under my home insurance?
What advice can you provide on drying my property following a leak being fix?
When am I as a property owner or tenant responsible for a leak?
What course of action should I take if I notice a leak?
What is underfloor heating and how does it work?
How likely is it to get a leak on my underfloor heating pipe?
What is an underfloor heating manifold and where is it placed?
What is pipefreezing?
What types of materials do pipes need to be made of to undergo pipefreezing?
How long does the pipefreezing process last?
What are some indications I may be experiencing a leak?
When is it that my boiler should be serviced?
What is rising damp?
What is lateral damp?
Are you able to fix any boiler type?
What can I expect with a boiler servicing contract?
What if my boiler is beyond repair?
What does a boiler service entail?
What's the duration of a boiler service?
When should I consider taking up your boiler cover and service plans?
What is hot tapping?
Can you provide any recommendations?
What should I do when I have a leak?
Why must my boiler be serviced?
Can you explain what a powerflush is?
When might I need a powerflush?
Does a powerflush reduce your energy bills?
How will a magnetic filter benefit my system?
Am I able to bring my own materials?
What guarantee do you offer?
Are you able to install washing machines and dishwashers?
Are you able to install gas appliances (i.e. cookers, ovens, fireplaces)?
How much will it cost?
What credentials do you hold?
What payment methods are available?
Is a call-out fee charged?
Will I be charged VAT?
Are boiler faults examined for free?
When will my engineer or technician arrive?
Can I reschedule my booking?
What should be done if I smell gas (or my carbon monoxide alarm goes off)?
Do you provide gas safety certificates for landlords?
Are you able to redesign bathrooms?
What's a landlord responsibilities concerning gas safety?
Why must I have a Legionella Risk Assessment conducted?
Why is there a significant increase in my water bills?
Why should a plumber fix my leak?
What purpose does an extractor fan serve?
What types of mechanical plumbing services do you offer commercial outfits?
What is a Mechanical Engineering Contractor?
Why should I consider a Service Maintenance Agreement?
What could be the cause of my leak?
What signals that I might have a leak?
Can you provide any recommedations?
What's causing the water stains on my walls?
Why are the walls of my property very wet?
What's causing mud spatter and peeling paintwork on my building?
How comes I have puddles outside my building?
How can I identify if my sewage drain is blocked?
Why would my sewage drain be blocked?
How will I know a leak exists?